Month: June 2017

Late Night Reading

DDN__3pVwAAK0SAOver the past two nights I’ve spent a few hours reading tales by H.P. Lovecraft. I bought this book with some of his best stories back in the 1990s. I haven’t read it in many years but these are among my favorite tales of horror.

These are arguably the best short stories in the horror genre. “Cosmic horror”. I love stories that deal with things beyond our world and realm of understanding. Lovecraft wrote those kind of stories better than anyone since.

“The Thing On The Doorstep” has always been one of my favorites in the collection. A story I once wanted to make into a short film if I ever had the chance.

As with movies, I’m one of those people who reads books more than once. Sometimes many, many times. This collection being just one of those books.

I will be sharing lots of my reading choices here on this blog. Why the heck not?

Until my next post. Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep dreaming.


Here We Go…

Well, hello there. My name is William Raventhal. I was born and raised on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I had an 80s childhood where I spent most of my time, when not being bullied at school, alone. I was always reading, drawing, watching movies and dreaming about things beyond our planet and realm of existence.

As I grew up, I got into music. Learning guitar while playing both in school and garage bands. Despite my love for music, and had an even greater love for storytelling in all forms. I was a massive movie buff and had my sights on becoming a film director. I went to school for graphic arts, photography, and animation.

I ended up struggling through my twenties and thirties. Working dead-end jobs while overcoming mental illness and depression. Writing and art have kept me sane. I still tend to spend most of my time alone. Escaping into my various created worlds and dreaming of a better tomorrow.

So here I am. Just getting started online. Hopefully, I will get to share my stories and other artistic creations with the world here and in other formats.

This is only a new beginning.

Stay tuned.