Here We Go…

Well, hello there. My name is William Raventhal. I was born and raised on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. I had an 80s childhood where I spent most of my time, when not being bullied at school, alone. I was always reading, drawing, watching movies and dreaming about things beyond our planet and realm of existence.

As I grew up, I got into music. Learning guitar while playing both in school and garage bands. Despite my love for music, and had an even greater love for storytelling in all forms. I was a massive movie buff and had my sights on becoming a film director. I went to school for graphic arts, photography, and animation.

I ended up struggling through my twenties and thirties. Working dead-end jobs while overcoming mental illness and depression. Writing and art have kept me sane. I still tend to spend most of my time alone. Escaping into my various created worlds and dreaming of a better tomorrow.

So here I am. Just getting started online. Hopefully, I will get to share my stories and other artistic creations with the world here and in other formats.

This is only a new beginning.

Stay tuned.


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