I came across a grocery store made blueberry pie this weekend. It cost $8.00. I normally would never buy a pie even for half of this price. Then I remembered growing up in the 1980s and my grandmother’s wild blueberry patch on the side of her property.

My grandmother used to send my cousins and I outside with plastic tubs to fill up with wild blueberries from the blueberry patch that covered the vacant acre of property right next to the house in their suburban neighborhood.

My grandmother used all of the blueberries we picked stuffing them into homemade pies. They were the greatest treat I had as a child. One of those never forgotten treats from my youth. Something I took for granted of course growing up.

My grandmother, Olive, passed away last year. So seeing this pie…I had to buy it. It is totally NOT the same in so many ways…

…but it does help me remember. ❤

I do remember. My stories at times have a blueberry patch appear in them for one reason or another in memory of her. 

Another way to keep her memory alive.