The cold air is raping my soul.
A glance above at the foreseeing eyes of pain.
I want, plea and hold to justice to whom bury me in hate.
I lay weak and wet from soil moist with tears.

My heart- dying in punishment.
It weeps desperate eyes towards a final trial.
Do not deny me this final breath.
This air comforts me with a fading light.
It fills me in my hollow hopes of a new dawn.

The sun has set and the air is thin.
A frozen touch – like ice. My spine absorbs me in pain.
A blinded vision of hope covers my body. It tells me the truth.
A forgotten destiny that shall see no more.
All is forgotten and is to be so true. Its thick tar of night.

Forever lasts the night. One last scene from above.
Filling in what was left of my heart as the sky disappears.
I see my future in black. It is damp and cold and it tells me its name.
Reach up to the sky. It is no longer there.
One with the Earth.
A fallen memory.