Sometimes, I stand alone after work. Alone. Breathing.
Thinking to myself. The darkest and happiest feelings.
Who truly knows why I smile? Can’t you tell?
I can tell. All the time. Sometimes.

I miss you. I failed you. Can’t you tell?
I can’t help myself. I wish you were here.
With me. Everyday. Any day. Any way.
Why can’t you see me? Why can’t they see me?

I will always hold you. In my mind. See you. Protect you.
Why did you leave me? What did you want from me?
Where did the happiness go? I just can’t wrap my mind around it all.
Where did all the good things go?

I walk alone. Moving on. To where…I have no idea.
I have lost so much. Almost the air I breathe. My pulse.
Somehow. Someday. Somewhere…
My true smile is out there. Bittersweet it may be.

I hope to find the stranger I once knew.



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