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The Ice Under a Red Sky

A youth born with innocent eyes.
Short-sighted. Unseeing nor caring about the world around.
Reaching out for what never wanted to reach back.
Falling down until the only ground below has left it starving.

All was wanted – one who would see the good in the eyes.
One who would feel the kindness of a fragile heart – who would see the light in a gentle soul.
With a monstrous frame of unacceptance and hate.
Inside was warm and gentle – a loving soul.

The walls around – waiting for something to break them down.
Wanting someone to see – for once – the hidden light and warmth that dwells within.
Waiting for that glimmer of light that peaks through the crack in your walls.
Staring eternally at everything – waiting for the spark of love that shall creep into the light.

The walls taking ongoing damage. Please bring them down.
Inside and out – the war goes on.
Nothing compares to the pain and damage – to the light and warmth inside.
Screaming in desperation. Not wanting the cold.
Holding on. Trying so hard to make it with kindness – in a world fueled by hate.

Deep in the corner of the heart.
The light’s final tear freezes against the icy skin of the unwanted. The war of forever turns the warmth to the only comfort it once had – within the ice.
The walls begin to crack. The new cold from what once was warm breaks free.

Trying to survive and adapt to the new surrounding climate.
Only in time, it freezes over – the eyes now see the true nature of where they belong. Innocence is lost as the heart has frozen over. The soul fades to black…
…resting cold – unwanted.

The final tears freeze as the sky grows red.


Back To The Start

So far away. So very close.
Into my veins. Into my heart.
Forgive me while I lose my mind.
I did. Done. Can you find me?

Lost in the belly of a dark abyss.
Fearing the unknown. Laughing at the skull.
Crying on the inside. Bleeding on the outside.
What the fuck is going on?

This emptiness is killing me. I am talking to myself.
I hate myself. I cannot catch myself.
Can someone tell me what all this means?
My invention of feelings. My living nightmare.

Slice through these veins. Break down this wall.
What is this? Can I breathe? Will I fall?
I run away. My “minds” – are screaming and bleeding.
Grab my antenna. Look into my eyes.

See me. Find me. Like me, please?
Tear me apart. Put me back together.
Please hold me. Close to your heart.
Never let my nightmares live again.

Take me back to the start.

Become The Skies

I fall beneath the sun.
I march before the shore. It tears me apart.
I am told to run. Pulled into the blade.
My brother. My blood. My truth. My art.

Will you follow me now? Into the dirt?
Where the sun never follows you down?
Am I to blame? When did all the flowers turn to dust?
Forever I fall. Our leaves. Forever frowning.

Lay me down before the dawn.
Ever wanting. Drying my eyes.
Walk with me. Stare at me. I am here.
My book. My creation.
I now become the skies.

A Fallen Memory

The cold air is raping my soul.
A glance above at the foreseeing eyes of pain.
I want, plea and hold to justice to whom bury me in hate.
I lay weak and wet from soil moist with tears.

My heart- dying in punishment.
It weeps desperate eyes towards a final trial.
Do not deny me this final breath.
This air comforts me with a fading light.
It fills me in my hollow hopes of a new dawn.

The sun has set and the air is thin.
A frozen touch – like ice. My spine absorbs me in pain.
A blinded vision of hope covers my body. It tells me the truth.
A forgotten destiny that shall see no more.
All is forgotten and is to be so true. Its thick tar of night.

Forever lasts the night. One last scene from above.
Filling in what was left of my heart as the sky disappears.
I see my future in black. It is damp and cold and it tells me its name.
Reach up to the sky. It is no longer there.
One with the Earth.
A fallen memory.

Mirror Money

You flew by just like a firefly.
I didn’t seem to mind…you flying by.
Where were you anyway? Why didn’t you bug me?
Not worth a swat? Cuz of what?

Look in the mirror. What’s the matter?
A new horror? Expecting more…or?
Wine won’t change a thing. Crashing down.
Who will guide you, without wings? A cashing cow?

Broken. Crunching gravel.
Searching. Running away. You’re lost. Now, what…how?
You were a friend, left in the dirt. Smile and move on.
They didn’t mind at all. What was going on?

Back to work. Smile. Bring a lunch.
Never walk afraid. Never deserving a punch.
Far too close. Too close to tears.
Keep going forwards. What’s next? Too many fears.

Step up. Wake up.
Did you forget me? A friend? Did you give up?
I almost gave up. Bled my open truth. Sew me up.
Lose me everything. Catch me everything.

You found out early. Life goes on.
You may be smiling, this boy rides on.

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Walking Away

So I decide to take a walk down the street.
A broken foot. Hoping the onlookers don’t mind.
Not sure why I look like I have lots of money.
I don’t need a date from a stranger. Please?
Let me pass.

I know the world hurts. The world burns sometimes.
Let me scare you. Let me hurt you.
No. Will you be my friend instead? Please?
I don’t need anymore hurt from a stranger.
Let me pass.

I keep smiling and walking. Forward.
My foot screaming at me. I stand tall.
You take my picture on a phone. Funny. A limping fool.
I don’t need any staring. Right back you! Feel my eyes too?
Let me pass.

Make it back to my squared darkness. Alone again.
I think. I stress. I scare myself. I am lonely.
Please visit. I don’t know what else to do. Breathe.
I need that childhood sweater that no longer fits me.
Let me pass.

If only for one more time.

Recovery & Poetry

This is a short post. I know I have not posted in several weeks now. Aside from working, I’ve been trying to get over one of the worst head and chest colds I’ve ever had. I hate coughing so hard that it shakes my entire rib cage. I has felt like the aftermath of going several rounds in a boxing match. I work around people and I worked on Canada around tens of thousands of people. Not surprised that I got sick.

I have had some very wild, dark and vivid dreams. Always a good source for story ideas. I do plan to write here more often. Even learning how to post through my phone. I write a lot of random poetry as well and I do plan to share a lot of them here with you. When I write poetry I tend to write free-form. My poems usually do not rhyme. I try and paint a visual picture, an emotional scene, with each poem I write. I don’t try and limit myself to any particular structure. I stop writing when I feel that word painting is finished.

Anyway, I hope you will like them.

Lots to come.