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3011552After 61 years, my grand Aunt (my grandmother’s sister) Evelyn’s burial spot finally has a marker. Thanks to the efforts of my mother and several other family members. On Saturday, August 29th, 2015, my mother and other family members met at St. Anthony’s Cemetery in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and had this stone laid in her memory.

My Mother, Ann, tells the story of Evelyn:

Evelyn was Mom’s youngest sister. There was an explosion in the coal stove and it blew the back off the house. Evelyn and her next two older sisters, Aggie and Barb, and Nana were all in the house. All four were injured but young Evelyn lost her legs and then later died. She was buried in the church cemetery near a priest but no stone was ever laid. It was always talked about. After a bit of research, I was able to locate where she was buried and I thought it would be nice, while there were still some siblings alive, to place the stone. Two cousins, Elaine and Jay, and Uncle Fred helped with finances and the stone was finally placed on August 29th. I know that my Nana would be pleased. Next project is to locate where Mom’s oldest sibling was buried, in 1925, and place a marker on his grave, perhaps next summer.

The reason the coal stove exploded was that, in those days, people used to have a small personal coal pit in their backyards; the boys accidentally threw some dynamite packs in the wrong bin and when Nana went to shovel some coal into the stove, she never knew the dynamite was there and accidentally threw it into the stove with the coal. (The dynamite was not in sticks; it was small packs). There was no money in those days for a headstone and that is why one was never placed. It was talked about for years, to place a marker, but just never happened. My cousins and I thought it should be done and so I took on the project and saw it through.

Aggie and Barb and Nana all had embedded stove shrapnel that was removed; I remember that Aunt Barb had huge dents/holes in one upper leg from the shrapnel. Aggie does not remember a whole lot and Nana never spoke of it. She was never the same after Evelyn died – perhaps she blamed herself but no one ever said that.

Evelyn would now be 74. (as of Sept 2017)

She will forever be remembered.



Still Here. Remembering. 

Sorry for the absence.  It has been a wild month with work and emotions. I’ve been a bit distant on social media and most of all here on this blog. I really do plan to post here regularly. 

On August 16th, it would have been my cousin Mike’s 38th birthday. He died last November. I was devastated even though I hadn’t seen him in person in over a decade. We did, however, talk on the phone at times in recent years for hours. 

Mike was private. Had his pride. Always wanted to appear strong no matter what. I had no idea he was seriously sick during his remaining months. His death has hung with me every day. 

I am working on a story tentatively entitled “Always”. Though it is fictitious, it has so many true memories of Mike and I written into the story. I hope to share it soon here. A story I just HAD to start sitting down to write. 

Thanks for reading. I will share more sooner than later. 

Late Night Reading

DDN__3pVwAAK0SAOver the past two nights I’ve spent a few hours reading tales by H.P. Lovecraft. I bought this book with some of his best stories back in the 1990s. I haven’t read it in many years but these are among my favorite tales of horror.

These are arguably the best short stories in the horror genre. “Cosmic horror”. I love stories that deal with things beyond our world and realm of understanding. Lovecraft wrote those kind of stories better than anyone since.

“The Thing On The Doorstep” has always been one of my favorites in the collection. A story I once wanted to make into a short film if I ever had the chance.

As with movies, I’m one of those people who reads books more than once. Sometimes many, many times. This collection being just one of those books.

I will be sharing lots of my reading choices here on this blog. Why the heck not?

Until my next post. Keep reading. Keep writing. Keep dreaming.